Friday, March 15, 2013

Looper Limited Edition 0713/? BD FR


  1. Nice one :-) Really great edition!

    Your collection is impressive I'm following your blog for long time, but first time posting :-) I was looking last time photo of Avengers BD box set (but not in suitcase) and didn't find it :-( However I've order this from amazon uk - and looking forward for delivery. My best collector's edition is 5BD suitcase blade runner with all versions, also Apocalypse Now (3 disc edition also from UK) and Alien Quadrology with if I remember correctly 9 BD - however nothing such impressive as your collection :-)

    Looking forward for next post and best regards from Poland :-)

  2. First of all thaks for your nice words :)

    Yeah this set is pretty amazing and you will love it im pretty sure of that :D Blade Runner set is one of the best ones out there and i gladly keep it in my collection.

    Regards from Portugal :)


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